I feel like I just need to rant about everything that has happened in my life. 
Okay, so to start this off I just wanna say that this has nothing against my family, friends, teachers, principles, or really anyone in my life. 

So, when I was in elementary school my mom would always have to come to the school because of something. But, in like 2nd grade I started getting bullied by a kid, let’s call her “SuGaR”. She treated me and my friends like S*** but none of us did a thing. And when they would call my mom down there I would get in trouble, not her. Now I was a “dangerous” child back then. But, the bullying continued, I even had “SuGaR” pull my chair out from under me. Which, lead to huge paranoia later on in life. She would call me fat, stupid, ugly, etc. She was an “angel” in the adult’s eyes. When the teacher pulled me out to the hallway to ask what happened when she pulled my chair out from under me. I told her what happened, but nothing happened they didn’t even scold her.

She didn’t follow me to middle school, but in middle school, I was catcalled, touched, and made fun of. I even tried to end it all. But, the first year nothing really happened. The next year people started to notice my anxiety, paranoia, depression, and just really everything negative about me. I started to close myself off from people. I was too scared I would get hurt. People started to call me things, whisper, and stare. I hated what “SuGaR” had made me into… I hated me. The last year was the year I got a bf. But, also the year I tried to end it the most. Someone new on the bus kept on messing with me. I was fine with it but then they decided to mess with one of my friends. Let’s call her(my friend) “Star”. “Star” was a caring, loving, sweet person. She has never really done anything wrong. But, when that B*** started to target her I physically had to hold myself back. I was ready to tear her to shreds. But, after that, I was hit on by a random kid in the hallway he asked for my number but I kept walking knowing I don’t have a phone. I was also touched by someone that goes to the same high school I go to now. He came up behind me in class right in front of the teacher and GRABBED my waist. The teacher didn’t do a thing.

Lastly, when I was a Freshman(9th-grade) people would just stare at me and make fun of me because I wouldn’t speak. Someone even would call me a dirty blonde because I got highlights. It made me hate my hair, and them. My German teacher was the worst of all my teachers. He moved me because I was talking to a friend when he wasn’t even teaching. He would call on me and force me to read aloud. He also would single me out when he was about to move on from a project…

But, now I am in 10th grade and I may update if anything majorly bad happens.

Oh, here is some more info: My dad works as a truck driver and my mom now works as a transporter for SSM. My dad only comes home on weekends and sometimes he will threaten to stay out. Just because he is mad at my mom. He also is abusive to me, my brother, and my dog. My mom is better about it but is still abusive to me, my brother, and my dog. My dog is a small to medium breed. He is a Yorkie mix. My brother is 18 now and he is a senior(12-grade). Through 8th to the begging of 10th grade, I would mix perfume with water and drink it. It would make me forget what was wrong with my life. It would make me feel happy. If I didn’t do that I would cry myself to sleep or just sit in bed not wanting to sleep.


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