Hello my precious AT friends… Of all people, I should know that I should come here for support when I am having a problem. This time I just shut down and hid in a corner. I got out of my self induced funk this morning and I'm ready to face my issue. As some of you know, I had been blind in my left eye for almost a year now due to my RA. I have regained some of my vision since I had a cataract removed last month and a steroid injection. Unfortunately, not enough to be able to drive yet. I say yet as in there is a tiny amount of hope there may be something else my doctor can do. I had ANOTHER steroid injection IN MY EYE this week and the doctor didn't seem as optimistic as he was at my last appointment. I'm just so sick of being poked, prodded and given meds aplenty. Why do I have to work SO DAMN HARD on my health and just barely keep my head above water?! I'm tired of being tired. This week I wanted to say f-it all. I did the bare minimum Imade sure my kids were taken care of and I went to my room and cried and cried. I'm tired of “keeping my head up” and putting on a happy face. Usually, I've dealt with my RA and Epilepsy with a positive mindset…but this eye crap isn't going to get any better and I will be looking through a foggy windshield the rest of my life. Why did this have to happen to ME? And not to mention my eye looks disgusting…everyone keeps asking me if I got in a fight. lol ok. pity party rant over. I am going to try to reply to all my messages ASAP thanks everyone for your concern. I am surprised anyone noticed I wasn't around! That makes me feel good- to know there are ppl here that care. That helps with dealing with this mess called me. 🙂 Hope u are all doing well. Love to all…

  1. triggered 9 years ago

    (((((((((((HAROBED!!!!!))))))))))) Hugest hugs!

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  2. coolbeans 9 years ago

    Hang in there! We all have days when we want to say f- it all and why me? Tomorrow will be better. Take care of yourself.

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