So, my therapist thought I might find people like me online, I'm pretty isolated here. So I googled depression blogs and found this. Never blogged before. Not really surewhat's expected or appropraite.

Also, not sure what this'points' thing is on the page I made about myself.

I'm currently on day two of a migraine, AFTER the shot. Nothing new.

I think I might be one of a very few kind of people. I've never met, or heard of anyone like me. It wouldn't be bad, I like being alone, I prefer the company of animals, nature, myself, and my kids. The hard part is living inthe fishbowl of a small town, I amjust very different from the people here.This is actually an ironicpoint to make, asmost people haveso many things in common, regardless of nation of origin, religion, background, culture, or anything. But alas, us humans can be vicious haters. Excluding, ignoring, judging, demeaning, gossiping, based on what? Based on so many things that are either too unimportant to count, or things that, if considered, would be no different than themselves.

If I ever win the lottery (HA HA) I think it would add alot to peace of mind. Not the bankroll, but the self determination part of it. Being financially average means being stuck where you are and that getting out means going without so many basics it would be impossible to maintain a life. Even a minimalist life.

Oh, and don't be fooled, I'm not 48 and looking like my picture(the young gal with the mowhawk) that is a picture of Lisbeth Salander, the heroine of the Millenium Series(books). I love her.And I loveAyla (from the Earth's Children book series), but I have no picture of Ayla.Yeah that's who I'm like, fake people. One is a prehistoric character without family or history, and a background of pain and loss. The other, a modern day Swedish character without family or history, and a background of pain and loss. See what I mean, millions of years and miles between them yet so similar…..

Pep Band tonight, gotta get the school hoodies washed and ready.

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  1. ruthrachelle22 10 years ago

     cool blog. when life becomes to routine.. you lose your purpose, your meaning, your self. i am with you on this one..

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