Hi to all:

 Today was probably the best day of my life. NOT!!!!!!!!!!!! It was probably the worst day of my life.


 This all began when I started scanning my computer and I went to lay down. Oh man that was fun. I did not sleep all night. I decided to get up to see how it was progressing it usually takes two hours to do. I then noticed I was not going as fast as I should. My computer tabs started freezing then I got knocked out of all my websites. I went nuts. I slammed by dresser, banged my hand against my head about 20 times. Banged where my mouse was and that went flying. I then banged my door twice. I had banged both sides of the computer about five times. It got even worse I then took out  a knife and cut my neck area three times then slit about half way up my arm. I then went to the Tylenol bottle and was contemplating taking that but I figured if I managed to live I would gain weight. This was after contemplating the detergent. I then went down into bed and cried.



 When I decided  to rescan my computer I had a problem with one of the scans and I had to shut down. I then opened and  had the same problem. I then was prompted by Norton to change my password. After doing that and shutting down I was told I had all these safety issues with my status. Now I just scanned the computer how did they come up? I then shut down and I could not remember my password that I was told what characters to use. There is an example. I started 10 times since every five the mouse goes if you do not remember your password. Remember I have the list and all my other OCD on the computer. I finally got back on and finished my last scans and things got better.


 This was a day from hell



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