The other day I mentioned in the shoutbox that my mom had taken me to Tulsa to the clinic where I get my hiv taken care of, someone off handly made the statement be thankful for your mom. I am so much more than thankful for her…..let me tell a little about her, my mom my hero.

Its not because she is the mother of 6 children, grandmother to 13 with one one the way, great-grandmother to 6 with one on the way…………..all that is wonderful. But its because of the role she's played in ,y life since I found out I was +.

She was there the day I found out…….her response at the doctor's office "we know what;s wrong now, now we just gotta take care of it". WE is exactly what she meant. She has been there thru it all. The emergency surgery in June 2007 left me without my large intestines, my spleen, and for a while I had a colostomy. That summer she was my nurse, I lived on her couch. Her making countless trips driving me to Tulsa to the doctor, her getting up every 4 hours to make sure I took my meds, her holding my hair back while I wa dry-heaving cause I couldn't eat or keep anything in me. This was all before I got on my hiv meds. Her listening everytime I wold cry and ask her why they hadn't just let me die……to come back with words of encouragement that I was going to get thru this.

Then again come January 2008, I got bacterial menengitis. It was her sitting by ny hospital bed 24 hours a day until I came to and could actually talk. Then only leaving to drive and hour and a half home to shower change and come back.

Then again in Marrh 2008, they reversed my colostomy………was sick the entire moth, spent more time in the hospital that month than home…………she was there to tell me it wa going to be alright and we'd get thru this as well.

She has missed maybe 10 of my visits to the clinic since I started going in 2007. So you see I am more than thankful for her, I consider her the best mother there ever was……………and most definitely the biggest hero I will ever have.

  1. aidaverdi 10 years ago

    I like how much you appreciate your mom, make sure she knows it. 😉

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  2. jhulvey 10 years ago

    God bless our Mothers my mom came and stayed with me last year when I couldnt take care of myself my mother is my hero also

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  3. bratt1166 10 years ago

     secret-sam I applaud you!! you sound like "my" mother….I have another woman that I know that knows what being a mother is about!!!! 

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