Today one of my great influences in my 20\'s and 30\'s died ….Michael Jackson seems to have succumbed to Doctors over prescribing of medications..such a familiar ring to it far back as Elvis Presley and beyond….  This is such a reinforcement  of my view with how does one become and stay a long term survivor in our world of HIV… I for one believe that Doctors provide an invaluable service and do great things to help with the health of HIV+ humans..  But as long as we take responsibility for ourselves and dont just hand over our own lives to the doctor…  The medical profession is only a part of a multitude of professionals out there that can be part of our holistic all encompassing formula for a long and healthy and energized life ….. 

I am finally on my mid-year break from College having completed flower essences, Human Disease processes 3 ( all you ever need to know of diseases of the kidneys, skin, blood, and eyes), Nutrition 3, and Clinic preparation, preparing us for working with people as naturopaths…

Also had my last \'T; cells results last week  445 T4 cells thats the highest they have been in 15 years …. I put it down to the herbal mix I take and the vitamins and the healthy food choices ..sure it limits what you eat ..but I have become so accustomed to eating well now that even the smell of a macdonalds burger or a pizza filled with plastic cheese turns me off immediatly….

 It also amazes me how one food can change so much… after much experimenting I now know without doubt that OATS  binds me up so badly that I get the worst type of Constipation if I have oats with my breakfast for 3 days in a row ..  So now I know for sure if ever I have loose bowels then eat oats 😉

All said and done time to have a holiday…. I head off to visit my parents on Wednesday .. they live in a coastal town of Nelson Bay ..just 3 hours drive north of Sydney.. really peaceful ..dolphins live in the harbour and whales swim down the coast every breeding season… then on Saturday i catch the train down to Sydney to stay with a friend for a night before boarding my flight to Noumea to stay with two French men I met last summer …. so get to experience some european socialising in the south pacific … when I get back will be time to tell about my holidays….. OwenB

  1. Loki 13 years ago

    Have a GREAT TRIP Owen!!  Take lots of pictures of the scenery ….the men I mean! 


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  2. OwenB 13 years ago

    For you Loki..  I will try and take some photos of the beautiful men I see  😉

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