Hi my name is Trinity

i am a middle child of my younger sister and older brother, and both parents.

i have dark hair and am quite tall for my age. i have olive skin and a preference to wear pants.

i attened a catholic school that is very expensive and get A's in 8/11 subjects.

i live in a 2 story house with a large back yard.

my life seems perfect doesnt it, i should be happy but im not.

something you should know is that i have a strong sense of empathy but what makes it worse is that i listen in conversations that im not meant to and find out things that i shouldnt know. i am a person that likes to know whats going on back that back fires sometimes.

i learn of my parents hardships with money, they have their own buisness that they have been struggling with because of stupid employes and to put on top of that my brother was in a motor bike acciedent and was put in intentsive care a few weeks ago. he is out now staying at home with us but will be on crutches to maybe next year and only recently did i found out if not for his helmet he would have been dead.

my username 'master of the masks ' is because of my ability to mask my true feelings. by putting on a happy face and smiling keeps the people around me happy and free of problems.

i have a bubbly personality when im happy but i am also loud as i want my opinouns to be heard. this is often what gets me down as not everyone can take my strong and demanding personailty and is constinaly told by family 'to be quite, go away, your too loud' these constint blows ocasionaly break me as i cry myself to sleep.

some days i would like to ask if they really mean it and some days i try to change but i always go back to my old habbits.

so thats my life but what i didnt tell you is that i have a way to excape reality. i like to read books that can transport me away to a different place, some where happy but when you finish reading you realise that you are not there you live in reality with problems to face.

my problem doesnt sound sevver and im sorry as i may not be depressed but sometimes i wonder what is wrong with me. i needed a place to vent and being able to write this down makes me feel better so im going to make it a regular thing talk to you soon

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  1. Andie372 9 years ago

     Depression can happen to anyone, no matter what age or circumstances you're in.  Many of us feel things very deeply, and like you say, we have a lot of empathy.  Escaping into books is not a bad thing, I've done it since childhood.  You can read for pleasure, or to learn something.  I'm sorry you are sad and cry.  But you are reaching out here for help, and that's a start.

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