The waiting game. My least favorite part of doctor's visits. Waiting in the waiting room (how aptly named~ should have been named the boredom chamber), the waiting in the exam room, then waiting for test results. It's so frustrating and maddening! My foot has been extremely painful to walk on, and it aches badly and is freezing cold all the time, so I'm wearing 2 socks on that foot. The Dr. looks at my foot, tells me she doesn't think that there are broken or fractured bones, but needs x-rays to make sure. She then tells me to stay off my foot as much as possible, and that standing for long periods of time is an absolute no-no. So there's goes work for at least a week. My boss is going to LOVE this.

So now I get to wait some more for them to get me in with a podiatrist, who is undoubtedly going to want more tests~ CT scans, MRI, anything that will show tendons, ligaments, muscle.

Don't get me wrong~ I am grateful to finally be getting some help for this, but when something hurts this much and causes debilation for any period of time, it makes me wonder if I would have done better just to go to the emergency room instead. But let's face it~ it probably would have ended up the same. If there's no broken bones, then it's not an "emergency" per se. So they set you an appointment with a specialist and notify your primary physician why you were in. Grrrrrrrrr!

I didn't go to my therapy appointment because I can barely walk, and it's hard to drive with the wrong foot. I normally only see her every other week unless I'm doing really poorly~ I don't know why I scheduled this one only a week after my last one.

But enough complaints. Today was a decent day besides all this stuff with my foot. Tomorrow my son starts1st grade! And the cool thing is his Kindergarten teacher moved up to teaching 1st grade, and he'll be in her class again! I really like her because she understands Zachary and his difficulties with the ADHD issue.And she and Ibonded and talked quite a bit last year, so communication between us is really good. Thatmakes me feel much betterabout how his first few days will go.

I started dieting again a few days ago because I was so disgusted with how much weight I'd gained during my depression (Ieither eat everything or nothing). I've already dropped 4 pounds! Maybe it's just water weight to begin with, but still, it makes me feel hopeful. 🙂

My mood seems to be better today, which I'm thankful for. I can only wish the same for you all.

Peace and love to you all.


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