So im 26 and ive done alot graduated college did an internship at disney world was a camp counselor for four years but now now im stuck. right now i am a volunteer at my church on sundays. lately i have been terrified to do things and if it werent for my mom i would just stay inside all day because people terrify me. im not a go getter when it comes to things but i do apply myself like for instance i am appling to be a volunteer at a childrens hospital and that terrifys me. i sit quiet because i dont know what to say to people. im quiet because if i said something i would just cry because thats how terrified i am. i dont know what to do anymore. people just think i should get over it. if it was a simple snap of the fingers that would be great but its not its more than that its more than i understand. i dont know why im terrified. i mean for heaven sakes my whole life ive had to meet to new people and go into new environments from moving around so much. why now why now is this teffifying me to tears and a misunderstanding to other people. the misunderstanding possible people thinking im lazy and want an easy way out. i know life is hard no one said it would be easy but no one ever said it would be this hard. so what am i to do just keep sailing and hope things will change when i know they wont unless i do something but am to terrified to actually do anything. i dont want people to treat me like a baby and hold my hand but i also dont want people to yell at me because im quiet.


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