The majority of people who use the Internet today are looking for something.  Love, sex and money are highest on the list of most sought after items.  The act of seeking these items takes many different forms.  The noticeable growth in social networking is based on the success that continues to surround networks of people who are connected by a common means.  When large groups of people are a part of a single source of contact, it is easier to target the source of contact than each one of its members.  Success with this type of appeal is further assured by giving something away to the group, in order to get quick response.

A timeless principle is being used here with tremendous success.  Our desire to receive what it is we are seeking is often, much too often, not taking this principle into consideration.  The principle has been revealed and touted recently with the success of the documentary “The Secret”.
It really is no secret at all, it is however not widely used because most of us are still too greedy and selfish under the surface to see that we are standing in our own way.  The law of attraction is impartial to personality, it works no matter who uses it or why they use it.  As we go through our searches daily looking for whatever it is we want from life, using the Internet as a means to find it.  Our success could be aided and tremendously supported by this law if we made some simple changes in our thinking.  The law of attraction brings to the source of attraction, that which is being sought.  The secret if you will, for lack of a better explanation, is what the seeker thinks and feels about giving!  The law of attraction is not independent, it is connected to all of the other immutable laws in the universe.  Big business is using this law correctly by offering many a little and receiving for itself a lot.  If we as members of these many different groups and networks that are being used by big business, took a hold of our responsible use of this law, we individually would have greater success.

If we as members of groups and networks, put a small amount of energy into helping those who we see, are seeking something that we clearly know, accept and understand that they are seeking.  Then we put ourselves in a supportive position to set the law into motion.  The more we support the law, the more the law supports us.  Reaching out and addressing what you see as being sought by others is a way of supporting the team, group or network that you belong to.  The idea of “I’m not helping them, they are not helping me!” Sets people alone and to themselves.  Not connected to anything but their own selfishness.  Success is not in the getting of things, it is in the giving from the heart.  If we can learn anything from big business we can learn this; when an offer is made to have a car, boat, house, dishwasher or a wide screen television at half off, the business gets tons of requests even before the qualifying details are mentioned.  Even when those details are mentioned the offer alone still attracts.  If we want more success for ourselves, can we find a way to help someone else, in order to attract that success to us?



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