We can control some of the factors in our lives.  I like the quote

that says Grow where you are planted.   It can be little things or big choices daily.   They add up to changing the path of your life.

It puzzles me when people resent others who seem to have a better life than they do.    We all have our restrictions, challanges and valid options in life.  Some of life is a choice and I taught my adult children as children that if you make a mistake and learn from it, it is a learning experience.    If a person keeps  making the same mistake over and over, it becomes a their life.

All choices made are either wise or foolish.  We all get to pick everyday to make the best choices we know how to make and learn to build our own best life.   Goals can be set and choices can be made everyday.   It all can lead to each of our own best possible lives!






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