I am new here and i have been all my 23 years with out anybody i do have a loving fiancee but no friends no one i can go to. to hangout or have a drink with or to share hobbies with. well heres a little background for me i was in one school for both years of kindergarten then i was moved to another school for 1-8 which back then it was shuned apond for a single mother to have kids and all the other kids where told by thier parnets to stay away from me and then i grade one i peed my pants because the teacher wouldnt let me go to the bathroom and i got labled by the other kids as a loner eww he is yuky and plus on top of that my name is dale it ryhmes with bail dale fail hail kail mail nail pail sail tail whale and on top of that i was taller and bigger then all the other kids so i was called dale the big fat whale or dale is a snaile and so on in grade 3 i failed and was held back so i was allready biggger then the kids in my fist grade 3 class now in the second year of grade 3 i was even bigger then the other kids because they were a year behind me then in grade 5 i was bullied to the point i threatend the bullie that i was going to bring a gun to school if he didnt stop and shot him the next day i got called to the office to talk to the princibles office there was a police officer and him there i was scared out of my mind they suspended me for 2 weeks and the bully got nothing i even had to write him a apoligy letter then elementry school came to a end in grade 8 graduated and went on to high school wich because i was out in the boonies was the same high school the kids from elementry school went to so i wasnt accepted into thier clicks i would be by my self in the lybary on the computer till class started or even on my lunch no kids wanted to be my friend or even invite me to things like partys or different things. i got a job in grade ten at a lumber yard which there the guys all treated me like sh*t and pretty muched bullyed me by putting yogart into my boots and blaming me for stuff they did it wasnt that healthy working there but it keep me busy.then in grade 11 i broke my ankle and was off school for 3 months and now i still have no friends i cant just walk up to soem one and say hi i feel like they would judge me or shun me and i dont know what to say and if i say the wrong thing when i am infront of a group of people i am super quiet even when i am at my fiancees parents house i am still very quiet i dont like talking to new people i dont really have any hobbies i am very low motivated and i also have depression i have been on like 7-9 different anti depresents i am try paxol now

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  1. sarah30uk 9 years ago

    I know how you feel, I actually had a lot of friends while growing up but the year i left school my parents decided we were moving a long way away from all my family and friends. Because I had left school and was 16 so wasn\'t exactely able to go out to \”play\” it meant that i never made any friends my own age as I am quite shy and there were very few people around my age anyway. I am now 30 and literally have no friends.
    I too have suffered with depression for years and was diagnosed with anxiety in may 2012 so now i find it even harder to talk to people. At least you have your fiance so although you feel alone you aren\'t really, maybe as a couple you can find friends to socialize with.

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