Ive always wanted to be a writer. I thought maybe that was my life's purpose. I dont have any formal educatiion, I just have the thought's rolliing around in my head. I'll leave you with a little bit of something I've just came up with…comment on if you'd like to.

In a large castle surrounded by sycamore tree's lived a young girl named Hilda. A young girl in years maybe, but very wise she was above her age. She had an extraordinary imagination. And kept herself ammused by the stories that filled her head. As the season's went by, Hilda stayed lock inside her own little world. She would spend hours upon hours, creating stories of magical places filled with unicorns, faries, goblins, witchesand of course invisible dust.

Night tiimewas Hilda's favirite time of all. She could creep silentlyout of her shell and wonder through the dankdark halls of thecastle. Every room she would enter was filled with more magical wonder then the last.Hilda would twirl herself about burstingwith laughter as the tiny faries danced above her head.As she ran down the hall, laughting and thrilled to be free. Hilda noticed there was one last room she had yet to enter. She placed her small hand on the door knob, just then something strange happened.

The faries whispered into Hilda's ear, "Follow us Hildaif you dare, we have much more we want to share. But, beware of the beauty you shallfind, is itreal orin your mind?

She turned the knob and walked inside. A crisp chill swept through her. The dark room was very large, and the smell ofmyrrh filled her nostriles. Her eyesmarveled as the room began tofill with lights ofall different hues. High above her head,creatures began to crwal.Satin curtains that hung from celling to floor, becamethickvinetwistingand bending its way up the walls. Threads fromthe Persian Rug shestand on,began to unravel and grow into tall green grass. The faries whisper again, "Here we are Hilda." They lead her to the fire place across the room. "Go inside", its alright. She stepped into the huge fire place. It was dark and cold. With each step she took, Hilda became fearfull. This wasn't things that filled her mind, was it? She took another step. The floor to the fire place then gave way and Hilda began to fall. Down and down she went. Further into the darkness she fell.

ok, thats it for right now. I'll finish more later….Good night all!



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