Me and my lil bro r very very close. He’s six and he doesn’t no I’m trans, but knows I like girls and he’s ok with that. He is the closest person to me, besides my twin, and I feel horrible rn… Yesterday I was super super mean to him and he was really really sad…next thing u no, 911 is being called for him… It was 12 in the morning when my mom burst into my room tellin me to watch my baby brother while the call 911. My twin and I didn’t hesitate, and we rushed to my parents room to see him… curled up in fetus position, paler than his pillow case… He looked really bad. I kissed him on the forehead and told him he was gonna be ok countless amounts of times, but he kept saying it was hard for him to stay awake. I wished I could take his pain away… I wished the pain he’s suffering would’ve been mine instead. I don’t ever wanna c him like that ever again… when the ambulance came and he started shaking… I wanted to die, honestly… I’ve never felt how I felt yesterday and I no bc I’m his big brother, I will never let him hurt like that ever again…


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