I won't be able to sleep till I write this long thing out so bear with me…..

On friday my best friend sent me a text saying we had to discuss something serious which I was like okay. He sent me long list of me in a context getting a free fride. An example he used was paying for my movie ticket which I would give money him money when my cash was not so low. He then explained to me that I have a job and he does not (I have not worked in a month so I have had no income I think he thinks I just get checks working or not). It went on saying I have not met certain promises like going to Disneyland. My mother would be the one to sign us in and its barley cooling down in California, so even I did not starting going again until October. Even though a majority of the time he is unable to leave his overbearing family because they think its selfish not devote every minute with them. I am barley getting on my feet, I started a seasonal job in late August and finally not living off a $200 check I had gotten from a car accident in May. Forgive me that I am screwing my head back on and everything is not a blur. He told me I have not paid enough when I have. It was all brought up because he had little money after Friday night. Of course I will pay him back for my ticket, but did I tell him to buy a five dollar drink and candy?

It was bothering me that I had to explain to defend myself that I want to be invisible for a while just to rest. I feel like we've both had so much going on that he does not really see the non stop year I have had. Between trying to stabalize myself, my first nephew being born, and building my careers I am just starting to slow down. I'm bothered, but should I be? I feel like I should be?


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