So I pretty much pounded down two energy drinks this morning, and in spite of my almost overwhelming anxiety at having to deal with people I managed to get a lot done.  I canceled an appointment (I had to drive there because I have no phone until next week), got my kids med records transfered to the right dr, got an appointment for the baby with the right dr, picked up the new license  plates and went grocery shopping.  For some people this might be normal, but for me it is an incredibly busy and productive day.


I come home and take a rest, then go out to do about a hundred pounds of laundry.  All went well at first.  The place was empty, I chilled.  It was all ok.  After awhile I head out to the van to smoke a cigarette.  Bad for me, I know.  Spare me the lecture.  I turn the key to turn on the fan and radio for a minute, and the radio stops working.  Odd, I think.  Not overly stressful, but kind of crappy to have a broken radio in a vehicle I’ve only had for 30 days.  I think nothing of it until I load up about a hundred pounds of clean laundry and the van won’t start.  I hear a clickclickclick.  I turn the key again.  Click…….click…………click……………click.  This is not good.  So I grab a handful of quarters, because it took about thirty dollars worth to do my mountain of laundry, and head for the nearest pay phone, which fortunately was not far away and actually worked.   I called my only real friend, who unfortunately has to live with her mother, for various reasons.  She also has to drive her mothers car.  They don’t have much money so it ended  up costing me ten dollars in gas money to have her drive me five miles home.  Not even that.  Oh well….

My friend helps me load the laundry and takes me home.  When my neighbor gets home my husband borrows his truck and drives up to the laundromat.  He jumpstarts it, which works, and he drives it to advance auto.  They test the electrical system, the batttery, alternator and everything else, only to say that there’s nothing wrong with it.

This sucks, because I have to drive 40 miles out to the beach for a dr’s appointment tomorrow, by myself.  I really need to have this appointment, because i am in desperate need of an adjustment to my meds.  I really, really don’t want to get stuck forty miles from home when I have no one to come get me.  And don’t forget, if I do get stuck, we have no phone so I can’t even call my husband to let him know.  This just sucks out loud.


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