I had a nice night out with my girl, I treated us to a fancy restraunt and later a movie. She and I both got pretty spruced up for the ocassion. She was really pretty, I couldn't help but smile at her for the duration of the meal.

The night, however, turned sour on us. As I was driving home with her, I saw an eighteen-wheeler bash the butt-end of a coyote. Well, we both saw it. I slowed down fast to see it hobble across the road in front of us and lay down off in the ditch. I stopped the car and got out, my wife was asking me what I was doing. I didn't respond. I took my revolver out of the trunk of the and loaded two shells in, walked over it to the coyote, she (The coyote)looked at me for a while and then we both knew what had to be done.

After that I unloaded my gun and put it back in the trunk my wife was telling me what I did was wrong and that I should have let the coyote live. She was holding back some tears I could tell, I assuredher it was okay.A cop pulled up behind us.

These quotes are to my best memory, forgive me:

"Sir, Ma'am, what…Oh, Case. Long time no see, brother."

"Remind me your name, 'brother'?"

"Johndoe, from [military base]."

"Ah, haven't seen you in a while."

"Yeah, what's going on here?" I told him what had happened and what I did. "Oh, good man. Good man, this your wife?"

We introduced eachother.

He toldmy wifethat I was a good guy and assured her that what I did was right. We parted with Johndoe and drove home in silence.

While I was writing this my wife apollogized for not trusting me, which didn't need an apollogy, but I apreciate it.




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