so i have this friend.. have known this friend for awhile now. we even went past friendship and slowly worked back to friends. i feel like its almost all one sided. and whats funny is at first i was to hurt to want friendship. she worked on me till i slowly forgave her of various things. now it seems she is busy. to busy to do anything or even talk… but i know what she does cause we have mutual friends. and i know she isnt seems like either im not important enough for her time or just not convenient enough.


i try to not to think like that but it slowly happens. i wonder why should would try so hard to get me back in her life then after awhile seem to just toss me aside or tuck me away for a rainy day. she wants me emails, text messages even phone calls but its all onesided.


so now im at the position to take it at face value and figure ok she is really busy… or look at it like maybe its time to move on. but as soon as i pull away shes back at it. i feel like im being used somehow and im trying real hard to think better of her. i guess i dont wanna admit that she might be the kinda person who would use me or maybe she doesnt realize how the situation really is.

ive told her how i feel about it. and we talk but it doesnt get far. and it just happens again. if it wasnt for the history between us i woulda just let it go.


so this is either a complex problem or a very simple one that i dont wanna admit to the ending.


either way it sucks



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