Okay, I just, I want to talk to someone who deals with family members who have serious mental issues. I'm not looking for attention..

(My sister's name is Evelyn btw)

So, it started when my mom and dad got into a small argument in the car on the way to Publix, my mom wanted my dad to do something he didn’t want to do. He had JUST got home after a 12 hour shift. He just wanted to chill. So, my sister, dad and I went into Publix and she stayed in the car acting like a child. We were gone for 10 minutes, tops. And when we got back to the car, she wasn’t there; she bailed, again, like always. We went around the parking lot four times and went into every store. Then we just went home. When we got there after 5 minutes she called and when my dad brought her back we ended up bringing her to the hospital because she slipped and fell on the grass and hurt her back so bad she could barely move. Now at that time it was about 11 when we left it was 1:40, my dad still have to go to work at 4:30 am and work for 12 hours until 6 pm his job is hard, he works on machines and it’s really hard labor, my dad isn’t that fit, and he’s in his late 40’s, it’s hard on him. He hadn’t had sleep. So, we have to take a 40 minute drive to winter haven so we could go to a Walgreens that had her prescription. My dad made a, not even silly comment. That he would have to get an energy drink on the way to work, didn’t even say it with a tone, he was joking more than anything else. My mom decides “it’s time for me to get some attention!” so she calls her sister (Who already knew about everything that had went down) and said “I need you to pick me up; I’m getting in trouble for being in pain.” My dad took her to the hospital, waited around and was nice the ENTIRE TIME, even held a bucket for her while she was throwing up and didn’t say one nasty word. And she said that. When she got off the phone my dad was angry. He turned around started going to the house and she flipped shit, I mean flipped. She went on and on about how he was never there for her and he was a lazy asshole and she had to do everything and handle everything. And in the middle of all this bickering she lost it. She starting screaming over and over she’s a piece of shit and she doesn’t deserve to live none of us love her we don’t do anything blah blah blah. And she tried to just out she car door, in traffic, while the car was moving. She tried this twice, Evelyn and I were holding her back until the door opened and I lost it. I was already having an anxiety attack and when the door opened I started screaming bloody murder. My sister wouldn’t let go of me until my mom started hitting herself and my mom bit the shit out of my sister. When we got home she told us she hated our guts, she wished we were never born. And I told her that if she truly believed that she didn’t deserve to be a mother. And she was close to shoving a knife in her throat. She attacked me when I grabbed the phone and she punched my sister. She told us she was never coming back and she hates dad and us. That she never did and never will love us. And now she’s blaming everything that she did on the medicine. She was given at the hospital. This isn’t the first time. And I highly doubt it’ll be the last….none of us can take it. My dad cried that night, hard. I’ve never seen him cry. How do you fix someone with a mental illness…..

Also, she has counseling and she's been prescribed many medication for anxiety and depression she has been diagnosed with PTSD.  And again this is not the first time


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