I saw my son for the first time in over 2 years today. We had lunch in a gazebo with my brother. I listened to him about his life and he is not hanging out to much with my rapist. I am still trying to divorce him he went after my sister this week to talk about me. He is still denying what he did. He is still on drugs also. I am trying to heal again I hurt my knees. I went to physical therapy and I see a doctor as a counselor. I am on alot of medication. I watch Gary Vee and Joel Osteen and Jordan Peterson on youtube and read good books. I plan to go back to college after the 1st of the year again to finish my degree. I watch church on live stream also I went to mass with my father he has cancer he use to the treasury of the church but he stopped since our priest retired. He had a stroke. I started listing on Etsy again. My dad makes me bigfoot flannels. I was very successful at it before. We are ordering ornaments with cat and dogs with porkroll. I will post pictures when I get them. I sold tshirts last week for my father with the same art designs on them we made them together.


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