Since my early childhood, the day I saw first real full length porn movie something inside of me changed. Since that day every time I see porn movie I really really want to be a girl and feel how it is to be dominated like porn actress from
porn movie. I had few times to make this happen, somehow life gave me what I dreamed about (to meet someone who would like me, to have sex) and he was exactly what I asked and I was perfect role for his needs, but I was
too shy or nervous every time we wanted to do it. I feel like if had a female next to me who could calm me down and help me to make this first step, then it would happen. I really want to make one professional adult porn
movie with my scenario about my fantasy, feelings, experience, like truly give myself that role for video scene. I want to share it with the world not asking any profit back. My all female friends say I have to try it, because it is different with real one.
My ex girlfriend introduced me to whole new world with toys, I did told her everything and she also enjoyed it, but its another story.


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