Hey, soooooo…It’s been 3 1/2 years since I’ve talked to my bio father…until yesterday…I learned that Mom made him out to look really bad (and IG admit, I’ve treated him bad, too), but when I realazied Mom had been lying to me, I stopped listening to BOTH of them. Technically, I’m not even supposed to be ALIVE. But…he…he admitted how childish he’s been and made me an album of songs he used to sing to me when I was little. I cried. A LOT. So, I called him. Now, my memories with him aren’t all that great, but he sounds remorseful (which I never thought I’d hear)…Plus, he told me he’s going to do his best to understand and work with the fact I’ma masculine-based genderflux male, and that he’ll be patient. He wants to come up here to Denver for my 19th birthday…It’s been longer than 3 1/2 years since I’ve seen him IN PERSON. It was nice to hear he cares…and that he knows he was wrong…and that he wants to TRY…It’s just so surprising, because Mom raised me up to despise him, ya know? But it’s GOOD! Agh…what should ID? I was trying to see if IC go to AZ on my birthday to see Bellamy, my theyfriend, and I’m stressed and I’m wondering if IN to make a quick decision so he has time to prepare and…he’s never seen my hair this short and…*Whine* I’m both excited and cautious…Help, please…IN advice…

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    piscesbs 2 years ago

    I’ve tried. She’s more stubborn than ME. She’s offed me, because she’s dubbed me as the “problem child” of the house. I’ve been in foster care for a wile now and I’ve only talked to Mom like…under 10 times between 5 years of BS…at least THIS motherfucker’s trying, ya know?

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