Hey, my name is Amy im 16 and i think I have had anxiety for about a year but up until now i always just thought i was different to everyone else, but then i started googling and realised what it was. Ive been with my boyfriend for over a year and a half and he is very understanding of my constant mood changes, but as any normal person would he is starting to drift away because its all getting to much for him. i find myself just telling him what to do all the time with out even realising most of the time. i tell myself that im helping him but really deep down inside i know im driving him away, and i dont want that because we have great great times together, when we arent fighting is now ligh at least once a day, because i just pick the smallest thing and start an argument about it. i would like help and tips on how to stop worrying about everything and how to be less controlling and how to stop arguing all the time, thanks for reading any comments would be greatly appreciated xx
Is there any thing that i can do by my self to help things, i always worry about the smallest of things, and i only really take my anger out on my boyfriend and no one else, sometime i take these fits of just crying hysterically and screaming and punching whatever i can like the floor and if im with my boyfriend i try to get away from him when he hugs me and trys to calm me down.  When he talks to other girls i get so jealous and its strange because i can talk to other boys and its the same for him with girls just in my head i get upset and jealous but really i am doing the same thing, if anyone know whats wrong with me please tell me xx


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    amy75643 4 years ago

    thank you ill try that

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