Good morning everyone. Here is my story. I hope it helps others. I battle it every day. Some days are worse than others. Please feedback.
As a child through elementary school back in the 1970s I battled what they called a nervous stomach. My mother had me at doctors but nothing was ever found. It eventually got somewhat better in Junior High, however I was extremely shy and introverted. I never wanted to spend the night at anyone’s house etc.

About 7th grade I began hearing non audible voices. In other words I didn’t hear anything but in my mind they told me things like, don’t step on cracks, go in and out of door, wash hands again, did you clean the toilet seat even though it was spotless.

They got so bad I began screaming back at them! I even called a local Catholic Church to see if I was possessed. I quit school in 11th grade. Others would notice that when I’d talk and finish my sentence I would mouth the last word again repeated. I am now 54. I have battled depression, sexual addictions and risky behavior, I still battle many repeats especially checking, counting, reading.

please tell me your symptoms. I wonder what’s normal for OCD. The sexual stuff really causes me guilt.


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