I don’t know what to say. I’ve been reading a book called “Project Semicolon”  It’s about people who have shared there suicide and depression  stories. (It’s kind of triggering but I recommend it) I wish to tell my own story.

Ive lived my whole life with “problems”. I was the “problem” child in primary school. I am only 14 though. I started cutting in sixth grade, I didn’t know what self harm was at the time.  All I knew was it made me feel happy. Calm, in control. It didn’t start out that bad but it ended with me in the hospital many times. I’ve attempted suicide so many damn times it’s not even okay. Things got worse after the suicides of my two best friends 5 months ago and the suicide of another friend last Monday.

This is pretty much all I feel like sharing. If anyone ever needs to talk DM me and I’ll answer. I love all of you and there is someone who cares.

~Cory. A. B. Grey~

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  1. tennesseemoonstone 3 years ago

    I appreciate the effort it took to open up and share your story. You are among family here.

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