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I was hospitalized in 2007. I was having suicidal ideations. I Had downed some Rx. I ended up throwing them up. I got lucky that they didn't have to pump my stomach. My weight had plummited all the way down to 92lbs. And I was in a toxic relationship. It was the most terrifing experiance of my entire life. I had isolated my self from my family and friends. I didn't tell my family where I was until I was in a partial program. I've been on different medications for different diagnosis. The toxic relationship ended and I was alone for a year. I needed to find my self again. Figure out who I was. It wasn't easy but with help from my friends and family along with the grace of God, I made it through. I have been going to therapy since then. I recently got diagnosed with Bipolar Type 2. I'm on Lithium, Celexa, trazadone and ativan. They had me on perphenezine but it made me forget a whole week of my life. I have no memory of what happened during that week. Recently they thought I was schizophranic because I was having hallusinations….I'm still having those. I've been rapid cycling alot lately. Going from Hypomania to depression. And thats when I see and hear things that are not there. I feel like I'm going crazy at times. My husband tries to understand it since he has a bashalors degree in psychology.

Anyway, in 2010 I met the love of my life. And we've been married since April 20, 2012. Its been challenging for us to communicate properly with out me getting angry over the small stuff. I might need to tweek my meds. I'm seeing them next week…. Thank God. I have alot of faith. I've been baptized and I do believe that even though my BP2 will not be healed, I know that God is with me. I have dark thoughts and at times I say things that I shouldn't. I'm still working on it.

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  1. tcsoprano 8 years ago

    You have come a long way- happy you have found someone who is on your side and loves you. We will always have setbacks the important thing is to keep going. Also your wedding pictures are beautiful- you look stunning! All the best, – t 🙂

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