So all the experts have done a $%^ ton of research of the effects of stress, anxiety, and depression on the entire mind and body.  Decreased immune system, adrenal glands goin crazy, fatigue, the list goes on and on and on and on.  Nobody seems to put enough mind into the super healing powers of humor.  When I became aware of the thought cycle of an OCD person I was able to pinpoint the cycles within my own thoughts.  Knowing that once an anxiety is in the system the amygdala constantly looks to disprove this anxiety in attempts to alliviate it.  This is impossible due to how we are wired.  The mind will go through all kinds of different attemps to disprove it automatically but all it does is increase the anxiety and the amygdala records those happenings for future refrence and making it search even harder for related "threats".  This is a nasty cycle which can present it's self as intrusive thoughts, imagery, anxiety, depression, all kinda #$%^.  Most of you guys reading this already know all this stuff though.  Thats when recognising that this pattern is simply because of a malfunction gave me a real good laugh.  I laughed at my stupid amygdala, constanlty trying to connect things to other things that I was supposed to be afraid of.  When I started laughing about one thing the joke started applying to all the other things that it made me think of.  Like a chain reaction, with out trying to figure out or disprove anything, I let the anxiety dissipate, even got rid of a headache.  By turning it into a joke, you expect a joke when you feel a "spike" come on, instead of trying to figure out what the spike was and how to get rid of it with logic, my mind tried to figure out how it could make it funny.  Sure enough another laugh would set in and clean up some more anxiety.  Now OCD thoughts arn't funny at all, sometimes about violence, sometimes about sex with things you dont wanna have sex with, but with this pattern in mind I really get a kick out of it.  The best part is that your amygdala sees that you are laughing and enjoying yourself instead of making the fear worse, next thing you know you feel relaxed because your no longer in "head for the hills" mode (calmed the amygdala down a bit).  Although there is no cure for OCD, finding different tools like humor has really helped me along with some of the hard times.  Just remember… your amygdala is always watching you!



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