I’d like to share my experience with tics so far. I’ve had anxiety ones for so long: tapping foot, leg, etc.

But I would say around mid November to beginning of December I started getting tics in my shoulders and neck. They would jerk to the side, shoulder shrug, head would snap back. I also got vocal ones that sounded like a little dog and eventually got one that made me say “wo” somewhat loudly when I would walk home from school.

I was thinking these were anxiety ones since I had finals around the time but I still don’t know cause they continued after finals. In February I would say they got a lot better, only in my legs and feet, occasional neck one.

Now they’re back in my neck. I kinda just snap my neck to the left and sometimes push it forward like a chicken. I have the occasional gasp with them but so far no vocal tics, thank god.

I just wanted to share this because I feel like with anxiety in general, tics are not talked about enough and leads people to wondering why they’re ticcing. If anyone needs anyone to talk to about these or can help me feel free to message me.

  1. eastender 1 year ago

    Hi. I’ve had tics too. I’ve had them for 44 years. They suck and I’m sorry anyone had to go through them. I was finally diagnosed with Tourette’s syndrome. It is closely tied to ocd and can be aggravated by stress. Unfortunately, my diagnosis didn’t lead to a treatment. Just some drugs that didn’t work. The best thing I’ve found for me is on YouTube. If you look up Thomas Hall he does guided meditations for deep relaxation etc and he even has a video flash session for facial tics. It doesn’t make my tics disappear, but I really think it helps lessen them for awhile. Sometimes I just need that so I can sleep. I hope it can help you too and just to know you’re not alone. Take care.

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      bellalion205 1 year ago

      thank you for your response and kind words. They haven’t happened facially, I hope they don’t and I hope I don’t get vocal ones again. If I do I just hope to have a supportive family this time. I think mine come from anxiety but honestly not sure.
      I hope the best for you and that you have a great day and stay safe <3

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  2. maryt 1 year ago

    Meditation is a great tool. I understand that the deeper one gets in meditation, the better they recover. Maybe this could be true for Tourette’s too? I’m not talking about out of body experiences or anything bizarre, just deep relaxation.

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