So… This is weird. I haven’t been on this website for almost a whole year, and now that I’m back, it’s actually nice here. I remember coming on this website when I was scared of the world and how my family would react to me being Bi. This website is warm and so welcoming, to not only adults but also to kids that feel like they are nothing. I really have to thank the people on here for how much you impacted my life. Since it’s been almost a whole year I’ve grown so much, not only did I come out to my whole family, but I’ve also have been doing better mentally. Even though some don’t like the way I am, they won’t do anything to try to stop me XD, but yea, anxiety is still here and some days are rougher than they should be, but I’ve gotten stronger. The people here have taught me that I’m actually NOT alone, and others are in the same boat as me. I am doing amazing in school and I’m pushing myself to be the best I can be to be successful in life. Some days seem to be very dark and I want to give up, but in the end, I know that I can’t stop fighting. I hope to stay on here to support others and just be someone everyone can trust. If anyone wants to rant to me and maybe find solutions to their problems, I’m here! Just remember that your never alone in ANYTHING and life DOES get better. I really hope that everyone here overcomes the challenges in their life and that they live out their dreams. Even the little things help, heck my dog helps me! Anyways, I think this is a good way to end, stay alive people! <3


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