I put my application in at a steel hauling company in Toledo on the 10th of October. I found out about this company from my friends dad, which he is an owner operator for this company. On the 12th I contacted them and they wanted me to take a drug test on the 13th. Then i was told that they wanted me to ride with my friends dad on Monday, Tuesday and possibly on Wednesday. So on that saturday, I quit my job, knowing that some people would probably be a little pissed about it. Surprisingly it seemed that not that many people were pissed and that a lot of people understand that when opportunity arises, you have to grab it. At this time I knew that this was quite a risk because it seemed that there was a lack of communication between the company and I.

I met my friends dad at his house on monday morning and we had to deliver a coil of steel to a company in toledo. Our next move was to head to delta and pick up skids of steel going to the east side of cleveland. after we delivered that, we headed over to a place that we picked up a load of sand. After we were done loading we headed home.

On tuesday we headed out to columbia city, in, to deliver the load of sand. We were there for a total of five hours. after we got that load off, we were told to head over to butler, in, to pick up a coil heading to warren, mi,. After we got loaded in butler, he realized that it wasnt possible to deliver this load to warren and get a return load and get home in the legal amount of time, so, we headed home.

On wednesday, we headed to warren to get this coil off. when we got unloaded we were told to head to delta. On the way back, my friends dad got a phone call and after he was done talking to the person, he looked at me and said that he got some really shitty news. Then he told me that they couldnt hire me cuz i dont have 3 years of experience. Hows come they couldnt of figured this out before they had me quit my previous job and screwing some of my friends over??

I know that this was a great risk and it bit me in the ass in the end. but my friends dad was helping me out by trying to get me into this company and by showing me all that he could in the amount of time that he had. and hopefully ill be able to use the knowledge that i gained from him, sometime in the future.

Well as of right now, Im sitting at home jobless. i took a drug test, physical, road test and went through orientation for fed ex to be a home delivery driver. The job is temporary and they said that they would contact me when im needed. so, all i can do is go out and try to find a different job and not give up! 


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