Well mum came home yesterday and we're looking at moving and a woman mum works with bought a house a year ago and has spent some time renovating it and asked mum if she was interested, so we went and had a look at the house last night. All I can say is… what can you really expect for $250 p/w it was ok but it was a very illogical house lol the back was the from and the front was the back (it was reversed) and the lounge/dining area was tin, oh so small lol Like it would be ok if you didnt have big  bulky furnature like we do and our lounge. tv, cabnet and dining table just would not fit in that small space and the yard wasn't closed in, so I wouldn't be able to get a dog. Well I was convinced I could find something better for $250 and much nicer with a closed in yard. So we went home and I found a really nice little town house which claims to have large bedrooms (which is good, cause i have a big wooden sleigh bed) and large family/dining area with a loft for only $100 p/w??? I thought this was a mistake so I went on other realeaste websites and found the house 3 times with the same price (We're giving them a call when they open in an hours) Im hoping the house is only $100 and that the reason why it is so cheap is because some one was murdered there (lol yes my brain over thinked it) but how cool would that be?? Yeah I'd get scared sometimes but boy could I have fun scaring every one else *practices the perfect line to tell guests* "she was shot dead right there… where your sitting!!!" hhahahahahahahaha oh it would be fun lol

  1. Tara 14 years ago

    Its a 3×2 with double garage, but I just rang them and it was a typo… 🙁 wow did their receptionist mess up lol its actually $400. But we're waiting on another unit thats $240 and is a 3×1 which looks really nice from the outside

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  2. toastee 14 years ago

    It makes me laff when you say per week.  Had an austrailian friend with anxiety come in stayed with me for three months.  She couldn't believe the differences between what we do for housing/apartments and neither could I belive what ya'll do..so funny

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