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  1. ldakota14 3 weeks ago

    Go into the woods and build a teepee.
    Clean the goodness out of something in your house or someone elses(cleaning and organizing other peoples stuff is kinda easier for me. Like a good distraction).
    Make an inspiration board(or book)! You can cut out pieces of paper and write inspirational quotes and things that excite you and list of the people you know care about you (even if you wouldn’t feel comfortable reaching out, just seeing their names on a list helps me)
    Take some pictures of pretty things.
    Order something online.
    Open your windows
    Find some random prompt online and write for 2 or 5 minutes non stop(it’s kinda awesome. Just let it flow)

    Grounding techniques
    Find 5 places in the room where the light touches
    Stop, close your eyes (if you wanna) and think about all five sense and how each feel right at that moment
    Find everything (or like 5 things) in the room you are in that are one specific color
    Pick out what color you are feeling right now and explain to yourself why you feel that color

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