Hi everyone!

I m new to this website, it looks very nice and helpful.

today it was just another long day after a longer night.. sleep is a blurry memory!

So i finally had passed out on the couch this afternoon, when i suddendly wake up shaking like crazy for no reason. no earthquake, no bad dream, no loud noise.. Nothing! this is when i decided to find someone that understands what it means to be anxious. my friends think im crazy, im tired of it.
I am in a relationship, finally after years of pain, betrayals and being abandoned. Now he is the sweetest person in the planet, and yet eveytime I think about him my stomach closes, my hands sweat , heart rate goes up x10 and my thoughts go nuts. Everytime i get a txt message i freak out!!!!!!!!
cant go on like this anymore, so im trying to relax and see reality , instead of my projections. which turns out, is not easy at all… so anxiety feels home in me .
And all thats around me is just a source of stress.
I havent slept decently in YEARS. and i mean it. it used to be very difficult for me to fall asleep at night. no matter how tired, how beat up i was, it would take me hours to finally fall asleep.. this recently changed. not only I have a hard time falling asleep, now i also wake up at stupid times. so my average night goes somethin like this. I read, watch tv or listen to music, then i go to bed. try to sleep for ever. usually i fall asleep around 3-4. 2 if im lucky. if i hae class in the morning, i have to get up at 630. but guess what? Im awake at 5 already. if i dont have class, i ll still be up at 5. no wonder i start lookin like a monster!!!!

so this was just some random venting. . .


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