Since about mid-January my son has been sick. I can tell you this almost to the date, because the day I was taking him into the doctor, January 18, I broke my arm in the waiting room. Yes, and ever since that day it's been one crazy ride after another on the sick train. I really am not sure I can fully tell where one sickness has ended and one has begun…it has just been so damn continuous. He has had double pneumonia, bronchitis, roseola, severe ear infection with ear drum rupture, cold, flu…probably if you name something, he has had it since January 18. This poor child. At this point if he sees me holding a thermometer or a bottle of liquid ibuprofen he gets upset. Everytime I feel a heat eminating from his forehead I cringe with fear of the impending sickness. It is just so damn endless. And what makes it worse…one of my major OCD fears is that I have Munchausen's by Proxy…I mean, I DON'T…but I for some reason always worry I do. When I was younger in high school, I faked having asthma to get attention from my family. I would fake attacks to go to the ER and get the attention. I can't believe I have admitted that. It is something I am so ashamed of…something I wish I could go back and change. But, then my OCD takes the memory of that and says "you are causing this"…Oh, how I wish my son would get better. That is ALL I want!!! I finally took him into the doctor today and said I was done and I need to have some answers about what is going on with my child. What is happening. Finally they looked at me seriously. Finally they heard me when I said, "excuse me, something is wrong here, my child should not be this sick!"…and even though my OCD is still poking at me from the back of my head I know I did the right thing today. I got an appointment for my son with an allergist today…nearly had to demand it. But, I really feel like maybe, just maybe, we can find some answers with that doctor…And, the damn OCD can shut its mouth for a minute while I focus on my son and his health, thank you very much!!!

  1. raider916 11 years ago

    Good for you and your son! He shouldn't be sick for that long without something causing it. Doctors should know this too. I hope they aren't the type of doctors that want to cash in everytime you visit. Thats wayyy to many problems without some sort of explanation. I hate to say it, but I hope it is allergies, that way you will know what is causing it. Maybe check the house for mold if it isn't allergies. I hope the docs have some sort of answer so he can start living his life healthier, and you can relax a little knowing hes more comfrtable.

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  2. tpmnight 11 years ago

    Poor little guy!! That's awful, I can't imagine the pain you've been going through watching him suffer over the last few months. I hope this new doctor is able to give you some answers!

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