The fact God needs anything from us is damning evidence of something. He needs you to print the Bible or it won't exist. He needs you to spread the word or there won't be any. He needs you to build the church or there won't be one. All Gods need you or they cease to exist. If God is the only God and is the only one with any real existence why is he exactly like every other religion since the beginning of time?


Also the fact God uses a book is pretty average of all religions and when you're claiming to be the one and only…You might want to think originally. A book can be burned and ripped up and buried and forgotten. A flaming book made of the souls of sinners or something would inspire much more faith.

A book is a collections of symbols. A symbol has no power in of itself. I can't read French so a French book means nothing to me, I can't read it. A symbol can be interprated many ways and a collection of them can be understood even more ways. The Bible is as powerful as any other book because the power of symbols doesn't rely on the intent of the author, but on the understanding of the reader! And because of this ANY book could be someones Bible. A man could pick up a copy of Sherlock Holmes and take from it all the teachings and ways of life his imagination can see in it. He can make Sherlock his God and if he's clever enough he could start a church and low and behold…ask for your money! Why would God let a book represent him? If we have a nuclear war and our language was lost and someone came upon a Bible it would mean nothing. What a horrible way of getting your point across, for God. 

The fact that all religions are more or less the same means they're all complete crap or they're all right, right? The fact every God that comes is eventually overtaken by another and the world doesn't end says something. They all say they're the one true God and you better fear me or you're gonna get it! Yet nothing happens when they're temples are smashed by another religion that says the same thing.





  1. Poisontongue 14 years ago

    Yes, thank you!  I can't take being told what to believe when there is all this evidence to the opposite, and the fact that religion has been so screwed up since the beginning of religion… it's just refreshing to see something that isn't "OMG u must believe or u g2 H311!

     There's no concrete proof of God being any more real than the Greek, the Mesopotamians, or whatever god.  Hell, I can go Peter Griffin and make the Fonz a god if I wanted.  Am I any more crazy than the brainwashed?  I'm tired of all these self-righteous people who use religion as an excuse to trample others…  And they think they've seen God or actually spoken to God or are more enlightened than anyone else.  What a sham.  Who's predestined and who's not!  Who's a pedophile, a thief, or a Borgia?

     So screw it.  Am I going to Hell?  Someone can come back from DEATH and tell me that, until then I'll just shrug the question.  We'll never know (and I have the right to NOT believe, you bleeding-hearted zombies… blah.  Don't treat me like dirt for not believing, because you're not as blessed as you think you are.)

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  2. wilgib 3 years ago

    God is a figment in the mind of humankind. It is all just make-believe. One can utterly dismiss all deities and higher powers as being completely absurd. What silliness it all is. Today god, religion, higher powers make me grin is satisfaction of knowing that it’s all slick jive. Hahaha.

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