Yes, the church of Fonz is what I'm getting at. Peter took from the show exactly what people take from the Bible. Who's to say who is more right or wrong?


Hercules was the son of God. Zuess and Jehovah are much alike. At least Hercules has big muscles, Jesus is a scrawny guy. Today we're doing the same thing with Gods. We call them superheroes instead. Superman isn't worshipped, but if he came along 2000 years ago, would he? I think so! We would have temples to Superman and people claiming they saw him.


What is faith? Faith is a guy telling you to fear and worship this God. If you ask him why he says "because God says so" and to that you say "A man came yesterday and told me the same thing about his God" to which he will reply "his God is false and mine is true" you reply "Okay, prove your God is true and I'll follow him" he will say "Well, he did this, this, and this" to which you snap back with a scolding reply "I said prove, not talk about! If I want a good story I'll buy Harry Potter!" to which all he can say is "God says it is true" and feeling dumber you say "prove he is true or I will conclude he is false." The man can only point to his book and say "He did this, this, and this." and on it goes until you're brain gets dumber


Why can't Jesus come over and talk to me? I'm calling you out Jesus and Jehovah! Prove yourself or you don't exist! You're so powerful then come and show it. A book isn't impressive, we have ipods now! You can send me to eternal pain but showing yourself is out of the question? Not very scary.


Are you telling me the most God can muster is a few books? Anyone can write a book with angels and devils in it. Harry Potter is more entertaining.


Religion comes from the same place drug abuse does. You feel like crap so you call on God or beer or whatever you prefer. He takes the pain away for a while. He fills a void that life doesn't. Would you rather be making love with the love of your life or reading the Bible? You know you would rather be with that person. Unless they've convinced you God will make you happier than meaningful sex…yeah right. If you're worrying about where you're going when you're dead when you're having sex…you're doing it wrong. You don't need God when your life is filled with happiness.

A dog is eat, play, sex, sleep. Not bad! Thats not far from what a human wants, we just have all these other things muddying the water.


All the Christian music I've heard are cheesy romantic songs that instead of being about a girl or a guy is about God. There was a South Park episode that went with this. Change "You're so beautiful, Babe" to "you're so beautiful, Jesus" Two equally corny sets of lyrics.


If Priests raping children for 30 years doesn't make you question all of this God business…(I couldn't resist) If these were just regular disgusting child rapists they would probably be beaten to death by a mob, (like they should have!) when someone found out what they had been doing. Instead, since they're Priests, they got away with it. If God won't lift a finger for a child being raped he won't do anything for anyone else and doesn't exist.


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