I have not blogged in so long but here goes nothoing.I\'m 24 now and I\'ve been going through a little tough time.first off I\'m of course constantly battling with daily anxiety,panic,depression and ocd.my mother just got laid off after 11yrs of wrk.my ex boyfriend got killed this year.its just been so overwhelming.I sometimes breakdown when I\'m alone just of the thought of the wrongs in my life.but I decided I have no choice but to be strong and live.I haven\'t been on any meds latley but with all of these challenges that came my way I\'m honestly wanting to go back on them just to cope.I\'ve been walking daily and doing breathing exercises.I\'m actually gaining more control over my mind.I have been practicing better techiques for coping with anxiety and just looking deep with in and acknowleging any hurt,pain,anger or regret I feel and trying to understand why I feel that way and what can I do to improve the way I feel.I made a promise to myself that I can\'t give up.no matter what.I remind myself of those who love me and how much I love myself.as of right now I feel a little cloudy with little rain.meaning I cried a little today.I recently ended a bad relationship with someone who just wanted to control me,put me down,use me,and just didn\'t give a shit about me.that\'s why I feel down.as much as I hate being single its better than living a lie and being unhappy.even though he wasn\'t all good,he was not all bad.I still love him and from time to time I miss him as a companion.but I\'m constantly hurting when I\'m with him.well there are positive things occurring in my life.I got a fulltime job.I\'ve been working on my self completly.I know I will never be perfect and sometimes my disorders get the best of me.but I\'m determined to keep going on.I know love will come again.but untill then I\'m gonna make it my goal to achieve happiness daily and to just love myself more.to all I wish you guys and gals blessings throughout this journey of life.peace,love,and happiness to all

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  1. foreverchanging 10 years ago

    I'm proud of you for taking care of you. Great courage!

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