So it's now 2012! let hope the myans were wrong, as i've got some big plans for the coming years.. and well.. end of the world would really put a downer on those!

Hope everyone had a lovely new years. I spent it at my cousins place.. i ended up letting mum drink, and me drive. She doesn't drink often, and i was feeling like CRAP so i really didn't mind. I ended up going to watch the fireworks at midnight with my little sister. They were ok. When we got to the look out, we were looking for a good spot, and suddenly i hear a big THUMP behind me. I turned around to see Alicia on the ground!! she feel on the ashphalt, and has some nice grazes on her knee. I tell you what, for someone of the age of 16, she still falls over ALOT! lol. Anyway the fireworks were ok. Nothing massivly impressive.. after all this is little ole Hobart, not Sydney.

I got quite sick the days before nye. Just a nasty nasty cold/flu/laryngitis. I lost my voice completly one day. I had to call in sick for two days in a row.. which meant getting a doctors certificate. Oh joy. I really really hate going to the doctor.. especially my regular GP, as he likes to turn everything around to my weight. Which in itself VERY frusturating. This time was no exception. He decided to look up some blood results from way back.. like when i had to get a blood test to get my drivers licence back.. so, auugusttt i think. Anyway, he looked at the results and was all.. Oh looking at these .. i think you have a fatty liver. HORAY.. thanks Dr for just making me feel MORE crap than i was when i walked into this office. Anyway he basically said that I shouldn't lose weight quickly as this could actually make the problem worse. UGH. I'm really not concidering it much. I really don't have the time nor the money to do anything about my weight.. and to be honest, i'm SICK of the doctors all bringing it up.

Lighter news: I've decided that this year I will move out of home. I'm not going to make it a "resolution" or "goal" as i hate setting them. But its just something i'd like to do this year. I'm going to start saving so i can get some things, and save for a bond. I just want a little 1 bedroom unit somewhere. Somewhere cheap coz while i'm at school there wont be alot of money floating around. Anyway wish me luck!

  1. Silent_Sigh 10 years ago

    Good luck jac, I wish you all the best x

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  2. ancientgeekcrone 10 years ago

    Every day is the end of time for someone. I am under the impression that the Mayan calender just ends, not the world. People who seem to fall a lot should be checked for equilibrium problems. The sooner equilibrium problems are caught, the better chances for correction. As far as weight problems go, there are a lot of fellow travelers. It’s a problem for all. I was alarmed by what you said about the liver. That could be a BIG game changer!

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  3. sadjac 10 years ago

    I'm the same as you crone.. I dont believe the world will end.. More their calandra just ends. Bit like y2k all those years ago.

    The doc said that the fatty liver MAY be a problem.. But MAY NOT be too. Makes it hard to know what to do really. He said the results may not even mean a fatty liver.. Could just mean that I drank too much all those years ago when I WAS drinking too much. It's all very up in the air really. Ugh!

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