Last night.this morning I got about maybe 4 hours of sleep all together. My boyfriend went to the ER at about 10 or 11pm. He woke me up because he was shaking a lot, so I asked him what's wrong and he said that he was cold. So I covered him up with more blankets and then he started shaking more and asked for his mom, then he became unresponsive and kept crying and shaking and making these weird noises. So me, his mom, his dad, his grandpa and his little brother took him to the ER. I felt kind of bad because even though I knew that something was really wrong with him, I had to keep back my laughter.

Here's why,

First his mom came in and after talking to his dad they decided to take him to the ER, so I had to get him dressed since he sleeps like a nudist. I can't tell you how many times people walked in while I was trying to get him dressed, and on top of that I wasn't even fully dressed, so I'm trying to keep him covered as well as myself. Then his dad and grandpa had to drag him down three flights of stairs to the car, and then once we were all inside the van his mom starting driving about 80-90mph all the way to the hospital. And right when she turned the first corner away from the house, one of the van's doors flew open, so we had to shut that while she was still driving. Then we got to the hospital and it was a bit chaotic.

The reason why so many people came is because of this: His dad and grandpa were the only ones strong enough to carry him, his mom drives the best in the van, his little brother is the only one that can speak both english and spanish, and I share a room with my boyfriend. So the whole time the doctors were talking and asking his mom things and they were also asking me, and his little brother had to translate the whole thing to his mom and everyone else. Then my boyfriend started throwing up and his little brother had to hold the puke bucket (it was so gross). Then they got him hooked up to an I.V. then the doctors let us know that they wanted a urine sample from him whenever he had to go pee…guess who had to help him pee? here's a clue, it wasn't the nurses.

Then finally about an hour and a half later, probably closer to two hours, he became responsive again so his parents and grandpa left to try to get some sleep (they all had to work tomorrow) so it was just me and his little brother. God, we myst have pissed off SO many staff members. They put him in a hall way right next to the family waiting room, so we all waited in there. We were shooting around ideas about what was the cause of him being like this. To be honest, my thought was that it was because he was handling his pet snake and kissing it and never washing his hands. His dad, brother and grandpa all thought that it was drugs since he works with a bunch of drugies, and his mom thought that it was because he ate and then had 'relations' right afterwards. Then once it was just me and his brother with him we just waited in the hall way and were joking around with him and stuff. Some of the staff members were giving dirty looks but damn it, we needed something to distract us.

So ya, we finally got home at around 3 or 4 and then the rest of the morning I took care of him since he still wasn't 100%  better. The doctor thought that it's just dehydration and exhaustion but he also wants him to follow up with a doctor because he has an irregular heart beat and unexplained weakness and pain. I was a long night

  1. thistle 12 years ago


    hope they figure out the cause—and it all ends well!  Let's all hope—ed

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  2. ancientgeekcrone 12 years ago

    Be really aware, the irregular heart beat is dangerous.  Dehydration and irregular heart beat are not doing his vascular system any favors.  Pardon me for saying so, but I'm not impressed with the quality of care that he received in the ER.  I hope the family has the(financial) resourses to follow up  with a doctor and soon.

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