Just handed in an assignment today as well as having quite a full day of lectures so I\'m pretty knackered. 

I\'m feeling really upbeat still at the moment. Apart from getting my assignment done and having lectures all day (all of which I managed to attend), I walked out of campus to the local Tesco with Harry and got quite out of breath but not anxious at all 🙂 

Last night I went to a \'Mind and Soul\' evening at my local Vineyard church, which is the church I go to every Sunday evening with a big group of friends from the campus Christian Union. I\'m actually not Christian, just spiritual really, but I believe a lot of things to do with Christianity, and I get on so well with these people as their morals seem so much better. But anyway, this Mind and Soul evening was for people in Vineyard (there\'s about 3500 members in the church) who struggle with depression, anxiety, stress management etc. So I went along on my own and it turned out to be about 50 people. I ended up chatting to middle-aged people all evening, and it was just really nice to actually be surrounded by people who know what it\'s like. I find that at uni I feel really isolated, because I know that if I say anything to my friends about my anxiety, or have to tell them that I can\'t go out because of it, they have absolutely no idea what I\'m on about. I was having a bit of a moan to one of the women last night, saying how it seems that all young people moan about these days is trivial stuff, and I can\'t stand it. I can\'t really relate to people my own age that well it seems, because of going through so much more. I seem to have completely different values, especially since having heart surgery. And they take so much for granted. I hate it. Not all of them, but a lot of them.

I think I need to catch up on sleep. It\'s just gone midnight and I\'m so exhausted from late nights and early mornings trying to get work done :/ If I\'m not careful the anxiety will kick in again because I\'m so tired. Long day of lectures tomorrow too… lovely!


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