i came on to this site looking for people to help me get through this rough patch in life but i realize that people only there for you in the begging than after awhile the support dies out maybe it not the site maybe it just the people who on it but i deff did not feel help or care about being on here it might work for others but it didnt work for me i thought talking to people who have the same problems as me would be more understanding and helpful but ihave yet to find someone to confind in and it suck because when i go to sleep at night i feel like no one will ever get what it feels like to be this way losing everything trying to get my life back it just would be nice to actually have a place to go where you feel like you belong without people pointing fingers at you calling you crazy this depression anxiety have truly ruin my life i blame my ex he push me in this coner and left me to deal with what he made me into but some how the people who hurts us canlived there life like nothing ever happen they can get anything they want as we sit here in our insainty they sit there with a smile on there face not giving a fuck of what they have done and who they have created it so simple to reach out but what the point when people only cvare for you part time i dont want a parttime friend i want and need someone who truly cares and gives a fuck to be there for me i shoiuldnt have to come to you for you to ask me how i feel im just sick and tired of this bs life im living in no one gets it no one try to get it and i just look like im crazy pathetic for giving a fuck for being hurt for crying and than they sit there and said that i desever the abuse that you was teaching me a lesson but when i do the same to them im the one who the bad guy but here i cry out for help nothing how many tears how many cuts how many set back how many so call friend is it going to take to find someone anyone who gets it who care im stuck in this cell of me trying every way of getting back to who i used to be im exuasted and i just do not see the end of my suffering many mistake made i been punish my whole life all i every ask of god was to set me free but some hoiw he thinks punishing me im too young to feel this old im too young to just want to end it all i just want to be older so i can just have all i want in life my kids my business than nothing else will matter nothing

idk how much longer im going to b on here it jsut breaks my heart to reach out to confind in others and as soon as i need them they run away im sick of this life already everything iruin and idk if it will ever be fix

  1. TeresaS 10 years ago

         I care.  I will be there for you if you want me to.  I also am in the same boat as you.  The abusive (now ex) husband.  I think he has moved on doing what he wants in life, I am stuck with what is left of the shell of me after the divorce (which was 15 years ago.)  If you want to talk to someone who can relate, I'm your person of experience.

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  2. thelovelysoul 10 years ago

    okay i could used someone who going through the same instead of feeling like im the one with the problem  msg  me

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