Social internet outside self-help/ support communities. :helpsmilie:

I signed up to this site around the same time that I did with Myspace, but the true fact is I have never been active on Myspace let alone deign my page or have a general look around the site.

I want to use social sites like Myspace, in my plan to move forward but I just simply haven’t. Am I scared, if so scared of what?! Am I anxious, if so what am I anxious for? If these are true then why, I am just on the net for heaven sake!!!

For those who have not read my previous blogs/forum messages it is worth mentioning that I am trying to take baby steps in moving forward in my life. To use sites like this; to be able to be open, meet people in similar positions as myself, and to focus my attention so I can learn from it all etc. Then move forward, when ready, in to more general social net sites I suppose Myspace and the like.

I want to be in a position where I generally put anxiety & depression to one side in order to place more emphasis on the social interaction side, or to put its another way, “ To simply socialise again” I want to use it as a stepping stone to learn from it ,to use it as a tool to desensitise my GAD and SA with others. Also to try and break the cycle of sever depression which I seem to go through by letting my anxiety eat me away to the core, especially when you are trying to hide it?

Out of interest what social sites do you use/ recommend, or are worth looking at?
What’s there vibe, you know, there style, what’s good about them etc? If you don’t want you leave a message here you can always send it to my mail box. God I feel drained after typing this……lol

Thanks guys I believe me I do value you opinions; I take them into consideration when forming my own.

Cheers Moving Forward.


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