I sure have alot to do today.  I just wanted to get some things off of my chest first.  Maybe get some advice.  My parents are taking my baby and I to Vegas.  We will be away from home for 6 nights.  My sister and her daughter are coming too.  My partner can't come b/c he has to work.  I am soooo anxious about it and it is a month away.  It will be the first time that I travel with my son.  Poor little guy will only be 6 months old and he is used to a pretty quiet life here.  Even when we go and visit them (they are a ferry ride away) or they visit us my son has a bit of a melt down after.  He likes seeing them they can just be….overwhelming.  I love my parents and sister and they have lots of positive qualities but they can also be some of the most angry, negative, racist and critical people I have ever met in my life.  They are especially critical of my b/f.  It really upsets me and they know that but they just can't seem to stop themselves.  The worst part is that after I see them it rubs off on me.  I always treat him like a criminal for a couple of days and am just generally very critical of everyone.  It is hard to shake off.  David isn't perfect but who is?  Not me.  He is a good person and our son absolutely adores him.  They are very sweet to watch together.  I am just worried that 6 days is a long time to spend in an environment that makes me so anxious with people that make me crazy.  I am trying to focus on the good things.   Lounging by the pool, good food, winning money (lol, it will happen!), and my baby bonding with his family.  It is just hard.  How do other people deal with this stuff and stay positive?  


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