omg ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mfermeeeeeeeeeeee trying to meditate i am a wolf soul gd it i will oh no dont say it they will lock my ass up restraints not this bitch yeah thats ready for this u all navy seal ok ok ok ok ok oki sware to all on my mother s soul i will do what evah is ness to stop him from being disgusting and treating her like some mfen sex object oh hell no screw hello i can prove all i say but its you all i mean you all know more about me then most evah will this is our safe place meet grinder lol i mean meat grinder vinyal hit me with some what evah you choice your the house dj bro kick it in and yea if i was i would a lmao so there www.bitethisdickasshole sorry i tried i really did but man your talken about delane here ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo woooooooooooooooooooossssssssssaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh heather stat. center thanks be to whom evah lol who the hell am i to tell someone what to do how to do it and what to believe in this is the fen usofa asshole are you serious some one get ahold of muppet tell her i need to talk with marek how the hell did he not loose it he knows what the hell i am feeling sounds kinda funny huh well i like that man for sure white blh blah blah 042 music mistro stat heheh kisses on both cheeks ya dag gone brit heheh me to ancestors yeeeeeeeeeehaaaaaaaa i remember summer saying that sounds british to me hahaha smart cookie dont leave us eric you too i love you man ed drinken outta cups rotflmao oh well life goes on soldier and i refuse to let this bottlenecked blah blah blah blah just tell him hey asshole suck my yep i am gonna say it lol na lol you know lol you already know wow what a ride life can be party memorial weekend all no words of lies burlingame camp ground charlestown ri ok ok ok its nite ridders b day the 28th my lil woman all grown up awwwww funny lol nevah mind her b day and my dear friend Melissa Etheridge ok now breath dr sparky ok ok ok serenity prayer pray i dont choke him careful some one might lock me up lmao u gotta be kididing right ok now all i say here stays here ok from now on love you bone heads with all that i am and all i am going to be mom kick his arse yoi go mom mother passed 18 years the 23rd went into hospital saint paddys day lil eufa passed on 11th and wow ok i remember who the f i really am your medicine woman she who walks tall lol i aint even 5 feet ok ok 5'1 lol heheeh


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