wat iv lernt sinc iv had gad 2 years now i no there s a vishus cical mean it evea happens 3 ways you evea get a smyption and start worrying or have a intrsive tought and start worrying or you worry first and then get smytions and all the trimings i all so found that u can get so many smyptions that are hard to beleave that anxity can give but mostly its just anthora way of say fear like me i fear deaf why coz its the unknowen i also fear going mad why becase i wont be in control. also i have lernt how its changed me compeltly i never used to care about these things i do now i wish i cud live like that agen i no i beter now than i was but still have it some times i dont even realiz that iv bin worrying all day to i think back because im so use to it now its like stuck in my brain but i no the tech i use to help has been working first off i dont berlive in meds no offenc to those who do but i teel you why it is because these are doing things to the brain and thats how they work so how do you expect to get better wen your not your self any way iv done a whole lot of cbt which is a thumbs up but once it finishis you got to keep remebering wat he or she told you like now i realiz wen im have intrsive thoghts and i just tink how many times have i worryed and nothing happens for the last 2 year to many and just think its only a thougt and let it go if it keeps coming bk it coz its still firing off the old anxity fear just dont push it away you will forget as long as you dont let it get to you easyer said then done but if youved had anxity for a while its proberly one of the same thoughts youve had be for just think wat can a thought do nothing wats the worst that can happen panic then life gos on there also a bunch of more i cud say but better stop getting a bit long but if you have a bad day just think bk to how much better you are than wat you was at the beginning and no its anxity nothing els thats in your mind every day


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