Im Deenah, I’m a 14 year old girl (Im straight but support the LGBT+ community) and I’ve suffered from anxiety since before I knew what it was and depression since I was about 10 and my grandfather passed. I don’t know my biological father so before I had the father-figure that is in my life now, my grandpa played that role. I often feel that if I could end my life without hurting my family I would. Depression has come in flairs for me, often a few months are really bad and then I have some better ones. I was diagnosed with a heart condition about 2 years ago and lost most things I love, such as gymnastics since I was a high level.  I spent lots of time very ill in and out of hospitals, missing school, ect. until after about a year I finally got a diagnosis and a year and a half, medicine. My “heart” condition is dysautonomia (POTS), which is really hard to explain (message me if you want to know what it really is). I also have a joint disorder called EDS which gives me terrible chronic pain, so I think those things have contributed to my depression. I am on antidepressants but I still don’t really know how I feel about the whole antidepressant thing idk. I have an amazing life, with people who care about me. I live more my sister, she is 6. This often makes me feel guilty for feeling so sad and depressed deep down because I am truly blessed and I know it.

I love to help people, it makes me feel better, so feel free to message me! I am also looking for any advice, I am very open to ideas and sharing my story and what I am going trough more in depth. I would really enjoy if I could find other kids my age or near my age to talk to or connect with, I think that would really help me so please feel free to reach out, thank you. I’m hoping this will get me some comments or messages with people to help, talk to, share more with, or even just chat. Really anything hmu

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  1. Hi. I’m also a 14 year old girl. I’m pretty awkward as you can probably see. I was wondering if you still wanted someone to talk to? And can you help me learn to use this website? I’m not good with tech. Idk if you can even reply to this.

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