Ugly old face…boyfriend who kind of wants to break up. New haircut getting in my eyes…no one wants to buy my photos…People look at me like i am scum ss i work my pitiful retail job…my dsughter tells me everything i am doing that hurts her and dhe is right…i am lazy, messy, inconsiderate….it is supposed to rain the whole time we are in Florida….I dont have hardly any friends snd my bedt friend is not cslling me bsck, even though she called me first…I want help from my mom snd brought but dont wsny yo judy cry on the phone…my boyfriend is controlling…he wont spend time st my house like i do at his….is that too much to want? And why do my boyfriend s need slone time…i feel like such a wreck…i cant stsnd seeing my face in a mirror. Anymore…so ugly…so old. For abot an hour i think i have been sitting in this dpot just crying…i dont know if my daughter still has expectations of me for the evening. I slwsys let her down. She probably would like to make dinner together and fo some picking up snd wstch some stuff online. I just wsnt to sit here and cry or tske extra meds and go to sleep. The boyfriend kind of wanting to break up is HUGE. It id a really weird situation and ee reslly wont know how things eill go once his parents move back into his house, plus he has this goal of not needing anyone, or at least that is how i see it……i have no interest in clothes…I have been eating way too much for a while now….I am afraid to see my Dad….I feel like I will get cranky with him snd things eill get bad……….I am sooooooo glad I have a place to vent. I know I am a wreck….think about what itvis like to not be able to do anything but be stuck…sitting,thinking snd crying…this kind of happens the nights my daughter says she wsnts to do things together. I fall apart and let her down.


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