Long story short, whenever I buy new clothes, I always wash it separately twice and then "test" wear it around the house for an hour to make sure it's ok before putting it in with all my other clothing. (I had a bad experience with an allergic maybe reaction to a shirt once, so ocd tells me to take these preventive measures.)


Well, I got a little greedy with the Christmas sales and whatnot and had amassed quite a pile of new things to test. As far as ocd exposure work, these fall pretty low on my priority list, so it gets put on hold. They're on the livingroom floor by my sofa.


Boyfriend does not like this. That's a whole other long story.


Anyway, Bf was gonna be gone for work this Mon-Fri so I decided I would tackle that whole pile cuz while he was gone I could do as many tests/exposures as I wanted – and stay up as late as I wanted to do them! Woohoo!


Well, I did get a lot done, but there was more than I thought. And I wimped out one day after doing a couple. And got a text from Bf that he'd be home early today, so no tests today. 🙁


So I'm feeling like I failed, cuz I didn't get all of it done this week like I planned. But I keep thinking of how I told a friend recently (who was feeling like a failure for not finishing a goal by the deadline she gave herself) — Is it the deadline that's important or is it the fact that you finish what you set out to accomplish?


I will finish this. I just didn't do it in one week.


I really do believe what I told her. But I'm having a tough time believing it for myself and my own "failure".


Thoughts and advice? How do you keep positive when things don't go as planned?

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  1. FiineMoods 6 years ago

    Keep strong, I say… plans don't always go as we hope… whether OCD is involved or not.  So don't beat yourself over it.  Take it one day at a time… and if your boyfriend can't understand it, then he's not being super understanding of what you're going through and you shouldn't stress over it, I say.  I know it's easier to say than what you're going through right now… but please don't take my words as minimalizing what you're going through…. you'll find a way to get through it.  The important part of this is not to let others around you put on more pressure to what you're already feeling about it. 

    My thoughts are with you… you'll get through it.  Believe in yourself and don't let others around you add more pressure (although I know it's hard, you can do it) … *hugs* xx


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