This Blog is for anyone who is a parent, reguardless of the age of the child. For those of you who pray, I ask that you pray for a family that are in need of healing at this moment.

Two months ago, I baby sat this sweet little boy, named Zade. Ironically, that's just one letter off from my son's name (Zane). Zade, only 4 years old, is the sweetest little boy you'd ever meet. Very smart and respectful. It was during a yellow riddon ceremony. My husband just returned from over seas and the guys wanted to get together one last time before the unit slit them up, so I told Zade's father I'd keep the boys so they could go out. And I did. It was only one night, but a night I have come to cherish as that sweet little boy died in a horrible house fire a week ago, trying to save his 16month old baby sister. They were at their grand father's house and he was injured trying to save the children, with little luck. Its a horrible accident that no dout devistated anyone who'd been involved with the situation. The father, so I am told is doing well considering everything. The mother and he were not together and the little girl was from her 2nd marraige, not his child, but still very emotional to consider what both of them are going threw. One day she was the mother of two and the next day, she was planning their funeral. He just returns from fighting for our country to only have his one reason for living, die a few short months after he returned home. It makes you cherish every single moment you have with your little ones. In the middle of all his pain, the father of the boy text me to thank me for the short time I was in his son's life and to tell me not to take forgranted one moment with my little boy, and I pass that message on to you. Far too often we igknowledge the fact that tomorrow is a never promised to us, but rarely think that our children apply to that as well. Love them, spoil them, tell them everything you want them to know today, never put it off til tomorrow because it may never come. And please pray for this sweet family in their time of need. Thank you all.


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