This morning I woke up to all five of my fur babies laying in bed with me. I wish I could have took a picture of it, but it was pretty impossible. I drank some coffee and went to the back window thinking it was going to be warmer than yesterday, but I was wrong. It’s cold. Winter is here. At least the sun is shining though. I just had a good start to my morning.

Last week, I was in a really bad place. This week, it’s really good. My husband and I went to my parents and did some “country” living. (I miss the country so much. Living in the city just isn’t as fun, to me.) I love my little family. We even talked to my brother who is in Alaska and his little kiddos. I love them all so much. They just make my heart really happy. I need to talk to them more because it really does make my mood 100 times better. Then, I went shopping with my Momma. We had some girl time and she really opened up to me about her child hood and things I’ve always wanted to know. I just had a super great time connecting with her. It was my favorite moment of this trip.

I learned that I’ve kind of become my moms friend at this point of my life. She gives me mom advice, of course, but she also is so fun. I just love spending time with her. My dad, too. It’s just nice to finally be so close with my mom because it wasn’t always this way. Not that we weren’t close, but I was always considered somewhat of a daddy’s girl. It’s super great.

I am in a really good spot this week. I returned a few e-mails on that job search and I am now going to go do some yoga. Later, I have to I have to do some grocery shopping. Not my favorite thing to do, but we need food. Anyhow, it’s going to be a great week. Mind over matter.

Now, to finishing my apple and that yoga I mentioned.

  1. delane1 5 years ago

    Erina370, i’m so glad for you that your week’s been so positive!!! It does my own heart good to read how well things have gone with your family and the connection you have with your mom (and dad).
    i hope this mood continues for you!!! Good luck! ***hugs***

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    • Author
      erina370 5 years ago

      Thank you Delane1. I”m trying this being positive thing. It’s worked so far this week. 😛

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