I feel rotten today – got a touch of a cold or something (sore throat, achey limbs and back, runny nose, etc…)
I went blonde weeks ago after the big row with my bf – largely because I’d wanted to for a while, but held off because I knew he liked it dark. I had my hair cut professionally for the first time since I became pregnant yesterday and feel so much better for it. The only thing bugging me now is my static waistline. I seem to be on the go most of every day, but to no effect. It’s really beginning to depress me. sigh.
I have cut back dramatically on my drinking, which I feel very proud (and relieved) about. My baby is 16 weeks old today, and seems to be advancing so rapidly, I just can’t keep up! She picks things up all the time now, can hold her own feed (albeit occasionally losing her grip)and trys to push herself upright when laid on her front. Exciting times! Also, kinda scary, because although these are only the tools to aid her developement into a toddler, it’s a clear sign that she is rapidly edging out of babydom and will be unrecognizable in a few months.
My fella and I are finally beginning to move on from the blazing rows and issues we’ve had the last few months. I can’t say its happening fast or is easy, but I do think we are beginning to make progress.
Hopefully we will be leaving this horrible city next year. It would mean my bf has to commute, but he feels as strongly as I do that it’s worth it.
Any dreams of studying for a career have been put on hold since I am going to be forced back to work in a few weeks (crappy Government) which means are poor little girl will hardley see either of us (bf will be studying). Sigh. Ach well.


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